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NHS Lothian dermatology - "Eczema/Dermatitis Management in Adults" animation

This is an animation that I did with another student Lorenzo Castelnuovo as part of an internship with NHS. This was basically for the NHS Lothian Dermatology Department where we were tasked with creating animations about Eczema, dermatology and how to manage it.

This video is about Eczema was animated and drawn by me but Lorenzo did the voice over and rigged the characters. There is another video called "How to Apply Emollients" that Lorenzo did most of the animations for here which I finished off towards the end.

This was created in After Effects with Duik Bassel, photoshop and Illustrator.

Is not the finished article as it will be going through postproduction at Napier and finalisation with NHS but this was our interpretation of the brief that was given to us.

NHS Lothian dermatology - "Eczema/Dermatitis Management in Adults"