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KnitAR 3D Workshop Android app prototype

KnitAR 3D Workshop is an app designed to teach users how to knit not just through videos and diagrams, but in a virtual 3D environment.

The main idea is that, viewing knitting instructions in 3D means that not only can the user view a stitch from the front, but from other perspectives as well.

The App also utilises Augmented Reality in which the provided knitting image will load the 3D knit session. In future updates, this will trigger a whole set of instructions for knitting patterns including casting on, binding off and other types of stitches but for now only the knit stitch is available. Future updates will also include extra settings such as the ability to toggle the instructions between English and continental methods of knitting but for now only Continental is available.

To try and download app, you need an android mobile device (I use a Samsung Galaxy 8+) with android 7 or higher and the latest version of ARCore. You can access the google play store listing here

Note that this is still very early in development and works best on mobile phones than tablets as the menus have not yet been optimised for screen sizes and orientations. This will be updated at a later date.

Preview of KnitAR 3D Workshop Android app prototype